Kathy Boerckel 
Where are you God?

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“I heard a 3 star general talking to his troops during a Sunday service once and he challenged the soldiers, you have no excuse for not reading God’s word and taking time to talk to God. I don’t want to hear how busy you are! And then he paused and said, The only group that genuinely has struggles with time, energy and emotions are mothers of small children. I marveled that this gruff general understood the needs of new Mom’s, and those with little ones. 

There are times in our lives when we feel far from God. Does God see me and understand times when I feel lost? We will look at the heart of God for those He loves, and see just how gently He leads and cares for all but especially mommas  and families.”

Chris McKenna Digital Parenting

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The internet is complex. And even diligent parents underestimate the digital risks confronting their children. Parents of young children are in the extremely unique position of being able to prepare their children for hostile technologies and implement protective measures that can prevent early childhood trauma. My own early childhood exposures to pornography drive my desire to help families create safer digital spaces. Our session together will explain our PYE Digital Trust Framework and give parents practical tools that they can implement immediately. Come with your pens ready! We have a lot to talk about.

Judy Schreur
Married with Children


When Prince Charming Falls Off His Horse: Based on the popular book written by the Schreurs.  Judy reminds us, “Falling in love is easy, getting married perhaps even easier, but staying happily married is much more difficult.”  An honest, humorous, unflinchingly realistic and loving celebration of married life.

Mary Esther Oldenkamp
Family Traditions

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What is one of your best memories of growing up? Did your family camp every summer? Read books before bed? Maybe eating on the fancy dishes for birthdays? Mary Esther Oldenkamp has tons of simple, creative ideas to help you create your child's best memory!

Kellie Laskowski
Kids and Worship


How do we teach our kids that the narrative of Noah is about more than animal pairs, and that David and Goliath point to a bigger story? Kellie Laskowski is passionate that every parent is equipped to lead their child to discover their part in God's big story

Katie Walmer
Money and Family

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 Money does not have to be a stress point in your home or in your marriage. Katie Walmer walks you through how to manage finances in a simple way so that you can win with money!

Kim Johnston
Kindergarten Readiness


So your oldest starts school next year! What do you, I mean they need to know?! Kim Johnston taught elementary school for 30 years. She will walk you through what it means to be kindergarten ready and what you can do to prepare your child.